Total Drama Review Week 32: Aftermath: Trent’s Descent

By: Justin Cummings


Welcome to the first aftermath episode! I personally enjoy the set up and love seeing Geoff and Bridgette host, and Geoff especially sells the gimmick. The return of the season one characters was great, and seeing the use of a talk show was a nice addition to the series. The main focus of the article is going to be the conclusion of the crazy Trent trilogy.

Personally my favorite part of the episode is Izzy. Everything from her interview and lie detector chip, to her taking over as host temporarily. The way she puts Geoff on the spot about going home first was great, and helped guide the Geoff and Bridgette subplot. Izzy really is a great character, and in this episode her strengths were put to good use.

How about Trent though? Personally the reveal behind the number nine thing is one of my favorite moments in the series, and I don’t think it gets enough credit. Trent manages to pull himself together, and finishes the episode with some regained dignity. It’s a good redemption for what the last two episodes did for him, and makes the plot somewhat worth it.

There’s honestly not much to say about this episode, except that Geoff and Bridgette’s story isn’t over quite yet. I give this episode a 7/10 for being fun but not needed. It gave us good closure, but didn’t move the season very far. I’ll see you all next week for “Chef-Shank Redemption.”

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