Steven vs. Amethyst (Steven Universe) – Overly Animated Podcast #224

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, and Justin Cummings discuss the August 3rdĀ episode of Steven Universe, “Steven vs. Amethyst”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Steve says:

    I forgot to mention Steven’s boomerang shield that reminded me of Sailor Moon and her tiara attack.

  2. Steve says:

    For an episode called Steven vs Amethyst, Pearl really stole the episode. The Pearl points.

    Steven battling Amethyst for weakest Crystal Gems, did they forget about Peridot, I love Peri, but let’s face it, in terms of fighting strength she is the weakest. And Peridot is the new rookie.

    I don’t know what will happen with Bismuth, I just know she is going to be written out by episode end. I worry though Bismuth is going to make Amethyst feel even worse, this going to be like “Bato Of The Water Tribe”.

    Steven living in Rose’s shadow, one of these days Steven is going to snap at Jasper and saying I am not Rose.

    So if Canada get “Beta part 1” this Friday, and the U.S. gets it on Monday, what are your plans, you going to watch it online, or wait till Monday. I will watch it on Friday it is out, especially if Peridot and Lapis are back and we are finally going to get an update on how they are getting a long.

    So no one is on board on my Jasper will poof herself theory, I think that would a great way to end this Jasper the main antagonist arc, she said Jasper never give up, how about if we get to give up.

  3. akp13 says:

    I think the emotional depth was there to the same level as the beginnings of Pearl’s arc and not surface level at all. I could be reading into it to much or there’s something stopping you guys from connecting. Or both, I’m projecting what I expect but you’re also not prone to connecting to this so you don’t feel compelled to do that.

    The fact that this is coming so late compared to to other characters and you want it to speed up might be a factor, or some absurdities like anime villain Jasper and aggressive complimenting during battle that are stopping you from fully investing in the episodes emotionally. Or you just don’t connect with this type of story as much.

    I think there’s a difference between stories about characters not being accepted for who they are(I’m a Pearl deal with it, I’m a fusion deal with it, etc) and a character not feeling like they should be accepted because they aren’t what they should be(‘are you saying I’m wrong?’). Like Peridot said in Too Far, Amethyst is the only ‘real gem’ but she’s overcooked and ‘wrong’ so that struggle is going to be different. There’s a bit of overlap in themes, as the ultimate conclusion will be to accept themselves and there’s shared feelings of inadequacy, but I think there’s still a fundamental difference in their stories. A difference in how they have to be dealt with. So when you start to compare it comes up short. That’s my two cents, feel free to throw them away if you think I’m off base.

    Why I like it personally: the show, up to this point, hasn’t had an established arc dealing with characters feeling like they’re not living up to their potential or thinking they’re supposed to be something else. We’ve only gotten little bits of Steven feeling inadequate or Amethyst feeling crappy because she’s overcooked, a bit of Peridot feeling down and relying on tech because she’s not as powerful or well made as Era 1 Peridots. I feel like we’re actually getting that now for once and it’s grounded in the overarching plot so it’s not just a one off episode.

    On Steven being able to Poof: Matt Burnett(it was someone on the crew) said Steven would just die, he can’t poof. But nothing in show to say that yet. If you want I can track down the tweet.

    On Double Shields: Steven summoned two shields at once in Crack the Whip. We saw him summon them one after the other when he was practice fighting with Connie. I remember because I was surprised by that. They give us a little more every episode with his powers, we have to be going somewhere with it by the season finale. Bubbled sounds like it’ll be a big episode for that.

    • akp13 says:

      This got way longer than I wanted it to be sorry!

      • Dylan Hysen says:

        No prob, interesting stuff. Very possible I just don’t connect to it as much. The not accepted for who they are vs aren’t what they should be is really interesting. Yeah definitely a contrast with other stuff we’ve seen from SU.

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