Total Drama Review Week 17: That’s off the Chain

By: Justin Cummings


Farewell Lindsey, you had a good run. Every time I watch this episode I get more and more annoyed by the rule. The challenge itself was pretty awesome, but the way the elimination was set up seemed almost unfair, like losing the first race would end up being better than getting to the second one. Honestly, Lindsay shouldn’t have been eliminated, but the way she went out makes up for it. She finally got her moment of glory, standing up to Heather. I hope you watched the Canadian version like I suggested, because in the Cartoon Network version all the bleeps were removed, replaced with phrases like “bully of a girl” and the middle finger was also erased. Hearing Lindsay go completely wild and curse Heather out three times with language that even made Duncan’s eyes go wide was incredible. What was more incredible though was everyone’s reaction.

As Heather’s second-in-command, people would have had every right to be mad at Lindsay, but throughout the whole game no one was. They all wanted her to stand up for herself, and even though she was kind of an idiot at times, she had a heart of gold and some good ideas. Not a single person was bitter towards her, and instead of a bratty, diva fit, Lindsay left the island with more dignity than anyone. Her calm final words to Heather and quiet exit on the boat of losers just tied everything together perfectly. She had a good run, and this episode proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, she wasn’t just “the dumb blonde.”

That was the biggest part of the episode for sure, but there were plenty of great moments. Geoff’s love song was priceless, and the bike building led to some great character moments. The running gag of Izzy and Leshawna was one of the best the show has produced, and it makes you wonder how different the episode could have gone if they had been there. Finally though, this episode told us why Duncan isn’t, and never could be, the main antagonist. Sure, he’s a jerk and a bully at times, but he’s always straight with people. When he doesn’t like somebody, they know it. Heather on the other hand is under handed and lies to get ahead. That’s a running theme in this show, and it will really define the last part of the season.

So I give this episode a 9.8/10, for all it did for Lindsay’s character, and proving no one is just a stereotype. See you all next week for “Hook, Line, and Screamer.”

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