Total Drama Review Week 7: Up the Creek

By: Justin Cummings


Ah Boney Island. Slowly but surely the Total Drama universe is being built, and here is a key component. This may be the first time we see it, but it returns over and over again throughout not just this season, but most of them. In fact Total Drama All-Stars uses it as the show’s answer to Survivor‘s Exile Island. It’s an interesting contrast to the regular island, and one I always love seeing. As such most people, when thinking about this episode, purely remember Boney Island. Upon another viewing though, I realized just how much is happening in here. For the last time in quite a while Duncan and Courtney take a backseat in this episode. We only see Duncan use a lighter, and we see Courtney talking with Bridgette about Geoff. Due to this we get to explore some lesser seen members of our cast.

First off this episode defines to me the friendship between Gwen and Cody. Cody’s a bit too persistent, but he means well, and Gwen seems to realize that. Eventually Cody does realize Gwen doesn’t like him, and he’s not bitter at all. In fact he even helps out Trent and Gwen get together, which is respectable. The fact that Gwen gave him her bra so he could win the bet was completely unnecessary of her, but a sweet gesture, and a good way to end the storyline.

Second we see the Geoff and Bridgette storyline kick into high gear in this episode. Geoff’s bowl is completely tacky and far too much, but adorable. The fact that Bridgette ultimately ended up liking it, more for the gesture than the actual bowl, says a lot about how their relationship ends up being. For all their arguments they end up in, Geoff and Bridgette are one of the most stable couples the show ever has, and watching them first fall in love is super sweet.

We start to see more of characters like Leshawna and Izzy finally; looking back I didn’t realize that at first they barely had a role in the show. The last real story element to touch on is Beth grabbing the idol. It’s ironic because typically finding a hidden totem on a reality show is good, but here it’s a curse and a subplot.

The only thing worth mentioning is Geoff’s injury. This was a complete lampooning of injuries on shows such as Survivor, not just the injury itself, but the way everyone reacted. It was over the top and ridiculous, but it was still fun to see. We’re down to eight Screaming Gophers and seven Killer bass; who will go next? Join me next week as we review one of my favorite episodes, “Paintball Deer Hunter.”

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