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  • “The Incredibles” Retrospective: Round 2

    “The Incredibles” Retrospective: Round 2

    In anticipation for “The Incredibles 2,” Beatriz Mourad, Alex Bonilla, & April Collins look back on “The Incredibles.” For more “The Incredibles” discussion, check out our first Incredibles podcast from 2015:¬†

  • Hey Arnold! Retrospective

    Hey Arnold! Retrospective

    Sam Quattro and Michelle Anderer think about one of the most iconic Nicktoons, Hey Arnold!

  • Adolescence of Utena (1999) Retrospective

    Adolescence of Utena (1999) Retrospective

    Beatriz Mourad, Michelle Anderer, and Hayley Nabuurs celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Revolutionary Girl Utena by discussing its theatrical remake, “Adolescence of Utena.”