Send us questions and comments for the Steven Universe Listener Feedback shows, a day or two after new episodes! There are several ways you can send us your thoughts on the new episode. Try to get them to us by Friday afternoon (if the episode is on Thursdays) but you can ask us when the deadline is for that specific week.

  • Send us voicemails! You can call (301) 960-8674 to leave us your thoughts. You also could email us an mp3 file of your question.
  • Send us emails at podcast at overlyanimated dot com! Please specify they’re for the SU Feedback show.
  • Send our tumblr account an ask, and specify it’s for the SU Feedback show.
  • Tweet at us with your Qs using the #OVASUFeedback.

Our preferred way would be voicemails, but use any of these ways to send us questions or comments about the latest episode. Thanks!