From the Spirit World

Old From the Spirit World podcasts + some new ones from the FTSW crew!

  • “From the Spirit World” Podcast #7

    A much-needed 7th podcast is finally out! This is essentially the bridge to our Shipping Special, which will be most likely be released in the first week of July. Here we have the whole cast, Dylan, Jake, Kevin, AJ, and […]

  • “From the Spirit World” Podcast #6

    This week we start a few new segments, lightning round (where we discuss a bunch of topics in a short period of time), the mailbag segment and the trivia question of the week!In our sixth podcast Dylan, Jake, Kevin and […]

  • “From the Spirit World” Podcast #5

    Our new format is here! Included in this podcast are co-hosts Dylan, Kevin (alternatecoppa from DH Forums), and Jason. This week the guys discuss the issues of the Avatar State vs. no Avatar State. There is also a new impromptu […]

  • “From the Spirit World” Podcast #4

    In our 4th podcast, Dylan and Jason talk about the amazing animation of Avatar, including the characters, backgrounds, fights and more.For the second topic they take a look at the discuss bending in the Avatar world. They discuss the origins […]

  • “From the Spirit World” Podcast #3

    We are terribly sorry for the delays in releasing this podcast. Again scheduling conflicts prevented us from releasing one the past 3 weeks or so. Anyway, this week Jason (aka JasonG96, who won live trivia once during Elemental Week and […]

  • “From the Spirit World” Podcast #2

    In our second podcast Jake (AKA Pooldude) fills in for AJ. This week we go through more news, discuss a spoiler from finale, take an in-depth look at the School Time Shipping segment and ships discussed in the short, and […]

  • “From the Spirit World” Podcast #1

    This is our first podcast, so obviously we have some kinks to work out. Please enjoy and afterwards use the Feedback feature to send us questions and comments. Thanks for listening! This podcast is 41 minutes in length! Features this […]