Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind – Ghibli Rewatch

By: Dylan Hysen


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is one of the most influential films of all time and Hayao Miyazaki’s finest works. Listen to hear us break down all of the themes and characters from this film in our latest installment of the Ghibli Rewatch podcast series, going through every Ghibli movie chronologically in honor of the films being available to stream for the first time!

Hosts this week: Dylan Hysen, Michelle Anderer, & Delaney Stovall.

Referenced on the podcast:

  • “Miyazakiworld” by Susan Napier

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.


One Comment

  1. Dr. Tyrone Wells, Jr. says:

    Dylan, I’d highly recommend you check out Harley Quinn (The animated DC series).

    +Clever and progressive writing
    +Great characters
    +Gay rep done right
    +Fast paced comedy (ala Venture Bros./Archer)
    +Harley goes through sincere character arcs that are engaging

    Things I figure you won’t like:
    -Not necessarily for kids, not sure if OA is only about that. This is a show with comically graphic violence and liberal use of wordy dirties. That said–really awesome how good the writing makes up for it. The cursing is never put on a pedastal–it’s just off hand how villans talk to one another.
    -Not sure what else you wouldn’t like from that. Oh. There’s a lot of continuity references to previous DC works like Batman:TAS, Suicide Squad, etc. But also obscure pop culture references like Frankie Munez from Malcom in the Middle. Just random stuff that makes you smile if you even vaguely remember it.

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