#SweetJustice Recap – DC Super Hero Girls

By: Beatriz Mourad


Beatriz Mourad, John McKenna, and Steve Zec discuss the one-hour premiere of DC Super Hero Girls, “#SweetJustice”!

Beyond OVA, Beatriz Mourad is also a writer working on her first novel.


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  1. Tatiana Rauch says:

    I love this premiere this was just really fun I just adore Lauren Faust’s work she always put a lot effort in her work which is why her version of MLP has lasted 8 seasons, a movie, and a spin off. Honestly I like this just as much as Marvel Rising though Rising has better storytelling and to be fair to Rising, DCSHG has it a bit easier that everyone knows their characters everyone knows who Wonder Woman Supergirl Batgirl and they know what the green lantern are. I mention before that other than comic book fans nobody knows who the characters are in Rising but maybe if the Rising get picked up as an actual show on Disney channel the animation quality will be better but the effort is there in the writing.
    Honestly I’m just glad that we multiple female-centric superhero shows to compare I really love the characters and their interactions and this is completely biased but I adore Wonder Woman in this she is so delightful and just the best from the minute she came on I love her design her voice acting also that scene where they meet the Barry in Sweet Justice I love how she demand him to text her within 3 days was just so good I wish I could be that bold. Plus I also love the running gag of her and ice cream it’s straight from the New 52 run also from the Justice League war movie and the live action movie. Also Her punching Supergirl’s face in was just the best!
    Speaking of which Supergirl is going to be interesting because I’m getting the impression that she’s pissed at Superman she’s living with the Danvers not Ma and Pa Kent also with Superman around she must be feeling overshadowed or something plus from one the webisodes with Supergirl I don’t know if the Danvers know she’s has powers or not but they seem really eager to repress that and they we’re still kinda weird in this premiere maybe it’s the reason supergirl acts the way she does I might be looking too into it. Bumblebee, Zatana, and Jessica Cruz are kinda blind spots for me but I really like them here plus and they look cool and I want to learn more about them.
    If I had anything to nitpick the bad guy was lame but couldn’t help but to just laugh on how dumb her and her plans were even supergirl said it was stupid IDK it was stupid but it was funny. Side note I’m not surprise Harley Quinn is in this show I’m just surprise they gave her Suicide Squad look I’m mean it’s not a bad look just surprise anyone wanted to remember that movie I know she was the best part but still. Overall I’m super optimistic for this and I can’t wait for the next episode and I hope you guys will do episode reviews for this show

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