“C” Recap – Samurai Jack

By: Justin Cummings


Justin Cummings and Michelle Anderer recap the May 13th episode of Samurai Jack, “C”.

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  1. Drenu says:

    Oof, I feel bad. Pretty much everything you didn’t want to happen in the last three episodes has happened to the letter. Interested to see what you think of the final ep.

  2. Drenu says:

    This one sold me on the relationship more. Not that I had a problem with how they CHOSE to do it, (Just that I didn’t think they had the time to do an episode that just kinda made a whole joke of it.) but they played it off well. Jack’s reaction to his older, jaded self in his reflection is a wonderful visual representation of how he feels about this developing relationship and really helps his character out and gives it some depth.

    I like how Ashi is handling the relationship too, especially her reaction to the shower scene, I think it’s great. -and I definitely don’t think her character’s been reduced to anything like that email said, I think she’s more or less the same person she was in episode 5. The only illogical thing is she probably shouldn’t know what sex is, but hey, maybe she got the gist in her travels on the surface, maybe an alien showed her a movie clip from those horribly awkward sex ed classes that we all had to sit through.

    I know you don’t like Ashi losing her agency. But this really kinda goes in line with her arc, it’s been all about her fighting to gain her autonomy both physically and mentally from a place and people that shaped and controlled her completely, It’s the tragedy of her character so to speak. I’m hoping that she may be able to control her powers, some people are predicting that She’ll open a new portal for jack with her Aku-powaz. I think that would be a nice compromise in the “self-sacrifice” possibility for the finale.

  3. Steve Zec says:

    Ducktales, hell yeah or whoo hoo, though I don’t know how to feel if they try any romance with Webby and any of the nephews, that would be too freaking weird. Though if you want stay true to the comics, that would work because Webby is a fusion of April, May, and June, Daisy’s nieces, though even in that case, that never made sense to me, dating your uncles girlfriend’s nieces, that is just weird. Speaking of which, Daisy has to be in the show, I would love it if she was Webby’s aunt just like in the comics.

    Though either way when it comes out on Netflix, Little Witch Academia must be covered, it will be covered, as executive producer I will make sure of it. I am going to politic and whatever you call it like hell. This show does everything OVA people love, it has to get covered, believe me once you see it, you will love it, and that is for everyone.

    Anyway lets talk SJ, don’t kill Ashi please. I swear if they kill Ashi, this is the second time I will be so mad at Gennedy, the first time being Octus and Kimmy’s breakup of course. And I am still not over that, I never will be over that.

  4. Alex says:

    Yeah, looks like my email from last episode was right, and that the encounter would’ve been just as impactful without the romance-focused eighth installment.

    But yeah, this episode was pretty great, although it didn’t surpass some of the earlier ones in the series. I got a big ol’ grin on my face whenever Scaramouche made an onscreen appearance, and “My Heart Will Go On” on recorder plays as he leaves my life forever. 🙁

    One small note: It was *mostly* regular schedule, lest we forget the April Fools’ invasion by Rick and Morty.


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