The Loud House “Kick The Bucket List/Party Down” Review

By: Haaken Bailey


For those who don’t know, The Loud House is a television cartoon show that has been airing on Nickelodeon since May 2, 2016. It stars a kid named Lincoln Loud, whom is the middle child and only boy out of a family of eleven kids. Currently in it’s second season, The Loud House is one of the rare Nicktoons rival the popularity of Spongebob Squarepants. This week, The Loud House’s second season aired it’s ninth episodes, “Kick The Bucket List/Party Down”, the first half, “Kick The Bucket List”, aired on April 10th, while it’s second half, “Party Down”, aired the following day.

In “Kick The Bucket List” Lincoln and Clyde try to do nine days worth of planning for spring break in one day. Now, one way this episode surprised me was how they explained away the one day limit put onto Lincoln and Clyde’s spring break plans. When I read the synopsis, the first thing that crossed my mind was something stupid like Lincoln planning out the spring break only to find out after planning the spring break that he had spent eight of the nine days in spring break planning out the activities. But instead of that, they have it be an actual realistic hinderance, in the case of this episode, Clyde’s parents taking Clyde on a surprise trip to Hawaii.

FUN FACT: One of Clyde’s dads, Howard McBride, is voiced by the same guy that voiced Ghandi on Clone High!

Anyways, after Lincoln realizes that he and Clyde still have at least one day of spring break together, they make an agreement to cut down on the list of plans, which they fail at. Miserably. As in, they actually end up adding to the list, resulting in them trying to do all of the stuff on their new list in eight hours before the street lights come on. As such, the show then does a montage of Lincoln and Clyde trying to do all the things on their list and not having fun in the process.

I like the message about just having fun and not needing to plan your fun in order to have it, especially with them having more fun trying to get to the house on time than the stuff they originally planned on doing for spring break. Also, the comedy is pretty good, especially with the various objects that Clyde uses as a substitute for Lincoln.

Overall, I’d give this episode a C+.

“Party Down” is about Lori throwing a party and initially planning on the party being quote-unquote “mature” and quote-unquote “proper”.

It’s a pretty good episode with a pretty good moral about not needing to grow up and that there’s nothing wrong with being a kid. Also, the comedy is decent, with the best joke in the episode near the end where, after spending Lori’s proper party finishing his homework, the kid who was doing his homework goes to Lucy to see if she can predict the future once everyone moves over to the kiddie party run by Lori’s siblings. Lucy predicts that he will get a B.

Overall, I’d give this episode a C.

Haaken Bailey is a Canadian YouTuber who specializes in both drawing and writing. He does a review show called Chaotic Cartoons, where he voices the fictional cartoon reviewer known to most as the Chaotic Cartoonist.


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  1. Steve Zec says:

    All right some Loud House coverage, awesome. Anyway I thought all episode this week were good, Though my favorite is “Pulp “Friction”

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