Week 1 of the February of Star vs. the Forces of Evil – Overly Animated Podcast #322

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, and Michelle Anderer discuss the 4 episodes of Star vs. the Forces of Evil from the week of February 6th, “Raid the Cave”, “Trickstar”, “Baby”, and “Running with Scissors”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Phoenician says:

    I loved “Running With Scissors” and the character it introduced Hekapoo. It was certainly interesting to get the explanation for the dimensional scissors and how they are made. Did anyone else sense attraction between adult Marco and Hekapoo? Star’s infatuation with Marco’s hot bod was pretty funny too.

    If any of you have watched the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Inner Light” where Captain Picard lived out like 40 years in his mind while only a few minutes pass on his ship (the flute solo from that episode still gives me chills) I got a similar vibe from this episode of Star Vs. There may be long lasting ramifications to Marco now having effectively doubled his life experience. The final scene where he couldn’t remember his laptop password was really poignant in my opinion.

  2. Miracle Liang says:

    Dat Monty Python reference tho…

  3. Miracle Liang says:

    Fun fact:
    Adam Mcarthur still needed to audition to voice adult Marco.

  4. Steve says:

    If you looking for stuff to review in the spring, don’t forget you still have my Petron requested podcast, I get to pick something for you guys once I am Patron for 3 months. And it is already decided it is going to come down to American Dragon: Jake Long or Sym Bionic Titan.

    And giving how you are so into Star now, little things like your Facebook post about Star will effect my decision.

  5. Steve says:

    I am hoping “Bounce Lounge” will have Heckapoo and Ponyhead bumping into each other. That will be awkward.

    I hope the next episode “Mathmagic” since we are back in school, that we get to see Janna again in a speaking role doing Janna things. Though I have seen spoiler imagine, so I am not worried, I know she will be back in a big way.

    I hope Heckapoo becomes Marco go to teacher when it comes to training, I mean I think we have gone as far as we can with Sensai.

    I think if Eclipsa comeback she will be a villain, because either she is dead and brought back to life Toffee, and maybe her mind is corrupted being brought back from the dead, or she was always alive and after all this time, she has gone insane. My theory of Eclipsa she is sympathetic towards the monster and that is good, but she and maybe rightly so giving what they may have done to her, hates the Mewnins.

    I think that will be the divide between Star and Eclipsa, they both pro monster, but Star is pro Mewni and Eclipsa is anti Mewnins.

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