Wes Anderson Announces New Animated Film, ‘Isle of Dogs’

By: Justin Cummings


Wes Anderson has announced a new film today, Isle of Dogs.  This will be Anderson’s second animated film, following the Academy Award nominated Fantastic Mr. Fox. Much like that film, Isle of Dogs will presumably be shot in stop motion, based on the scarce images shown so far.

Anderson made a short video announcing not only the film, but its stellar list of actors, which includes Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, and Tilda Swinton, as well as Edward Norton who popped up in Anderson’s video. Part of the reason for the video was to highlight Anderson’s crowdrise project, which will give people the opportunity to win prizes such as a trip to set, and voicing a minor character in the film.

The proceeds from this campaign will go to Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation. The group is a non profit organization dedicated to film preservation. In his video, Anderson speaks highly of the group, saying, “there are a lot of movies out there we haven’t seen, and it’s a really important, great organization.” Details about the film and the crowdrise campaign can be found here. As of this writing only 40 days remain to enter the contest.

Hopefully the film will live up to the standard Anderson has set for his animated films, and could win an Oscar this time around.

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