Total Drama Review Week 37: Aftermath 2

By: Justin Cummings


And we’re back to the Aftermath show! Like I said, this is one of my favorite plots of the season, and this episode it really gets good. Geoff is finally letting fame get to his head, and Bridgette is fighting back. Also, this is the end of the Gwen and Trent arc, which was really feeling old.

So let’s start with DJ. DJ really redeems himself here. Honestly, I feel bad for what happened to him this season. Chef took advantage of him, and that’s not DJ’s fault. Seeing all the stuff DJ got, such as beef jerky and massages, does lessen the sympathy a bit, but the fact that he kicked himself off the show can’t be forgotten. He came to his senses, stood up to Chef, and he proved himself a good person. This was also the first time we saw DJ’s mom in person, and she’s one of my favorite minor characters.

Next we have Gwen. She’s not had the best luck lately, and this is no different. She really got put on the hot seat for nothing. Sure, she broke up with Trent, ┬ábut they also started dating on national TV. You can’t be okay with a couple starting to date on national TV if you aren’t okay with them breaking up. Gwen stood up for herself in this episode, and took way more flak than she should have had to. She’s still one of my favorites, even though this was her worst season.

Finally, Geoff and Bridgette. Geoff has become a narcissistic jerk, and it’s showing. He’s letting hosting, and the influence of producers, go to his head. It’s very humanizing, not just for him, but Chris. After all, if a guy as nice as him can get corrupted by the rush of fame, it makes sense that Chris has turned out the way he has. Bridgette just wants Geoff back to normal, and there’s still hope. There’s still one more big episode for this plot, but we have to wait six more weeks for it.

I give this episode an 8/10, and I’ll see you all next week for “Ocean’s 8… or 9?”

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