Total Drama Review Week 35: Masters of Disaster

By: Justin Cummings


Another day, another reward challenge. This one was brutal, and sets up an entire new arc. Owen’s jaw is going to stay shut for a little while, and honestly, it’s a bit too real. For a show all about its over the top challenges, seeing the legal issues with Owen is heartbreaking. The entire episode just feels awful, like someone could legitimately die.

Compared with all the insane things that have happened on this show, the fact that a book and drowning were what almost took people out. The challenge itself was interesting though, especially the obstacle course. Chris went all out with it, really taking advantage of the disaster theme.

The sub challenge seemed slightly off though, as Chris was very out of character. It’s nice to see Chris have some sense of morality, but why now? The best part of that challenge was far and away Izzy. Izzy having to deal with Beth, Justin, and Lindsey was almost unfair to her, and when Izzy is the most rational person in the room, you know something’s wrong.

The nine we’re left with now are a really interesting bunch, with the Gaffers, who had been in the lead all season, are now a rather motley crew. The Grips aren’t in great shape either, and the feel at this point is rather focused on the underdogs.

So I’m giving the episode a 6/10 and all in all, it wasn’t that bad, just shockingly dark. I’ll see you all next week for “Full Metal Drama.”

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