Total Drama Review Week 25: “The Very Last Episode, Really!”

By: Justin Cummings


Wow, I never would have expected Gwen to win. She really did play a great game though didn’t she? From the first couple of episodes she was a powerhouse. Really I should have seen it coming. Wait, what do you mean Owen won?

If you’ve been watching on Netflix, or probably any version you found online, Owen was declared the winner of Total Drama Island; that’s not completely true though. He is the canon winner, and his ending was shown in the vast majority of the countries, but there is an alternative ending. It was shown in maybe three countries, but you can easily find online the clip of Gwen winning the game. It didn’t matter much this time, where only a couple of countries got that ending, but later on, the question of canon endings became a big deal. Australia, USA, and Canada are usually the first countries to show any given season, but only Canada’s ending is considered canon. I’m going to discuss this every time we do a season finale, but this season I just wanted to introduce the idea.

Let’s dive into the meat of the episode though, and look at how it all ended. This episode just felt kind of flat. The Trent stuff seemed overwrought, and Heather scheming just felt old. The best parts were from our actual finalists, as well as Izzy being Izzy. Chris getting thrown in the lake felt like the best way to end, and all in all it was a feel good episode.

There’s surprisingly little to be said about this episode, but it’s not bad. I give it an 8/10, and it goes down as the first finale in the show’s history. It followed through with what we were promised, and gave us an animated reality show. To that I say congratulations!

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