Total Drama Review Week 20: Trial by Tri Armed Triathlon

By: Justin Cummings


This is probably one of the sweetest episodes of the season. They took the final six we know and love, and threw them into pairs we don’t typically see on screen together. Geoff and Duncan, being from the Killer Bass, never really interacted much with Gwen and Leshawna respectively. Heather and Owen interacted the most, but it was still a good dynamic to explore more. I think the best way to review this episode is to go team by team.

First off, Heather and Owen. They tried throwing in this subplot of Heather acting nice to get votes from both Owen and the eliminated campers, but it didn’t last long. I actually like when they did it though, and it had the potential to make for an good arc to carry us through the rest of Heather’s game. It makes sense they dropped it though; it shows Heather simply can’t be nice, even when her game depends on it. The one who shined on this team however, was Owen. Seeing him get upset at Heather insulting Lindsey and Beth, only to truly go off on her when she insulted Izzy, was wonderful. We haven’t seen Owen get mad up until now, and this scene perfectly demonstrated who Owen is. He’s typically so fun and laid back, but if you insult his friends, there will be consequences. It was a touching story, but not the main focus of the episode.

Next, Leshawna and Duncan. It makes sense that this pair wouldn’t get along, and nothing about their fights felt forced. They’re the two tough ones, so of course they’d argue. Having Leshawna know about Bunny was a great choice; it made a connection between her and Courtney, and brought back in an old storyline, letting us finally see what motivated Duncan. By the end, Leshawna realized Duncan wasn’t all bad, and as seemed the theme of the episode, it was sweet. Ultimately it was inconsequential, but it was the B-Plot after all.

The most important team of all was Gwen and Geoff. This was one of the best put together stories the show has done in a single episode. They started by establishing the tension, then slowly starting relieving it, helping Gwen grow as a character, and capping off Geoff’s incredible run on the show. Geoff is one of my favorite campers, and this episode shows why. He might be an idiot at times, he might be a party animal, but at the end of the day, he’s a good person. He just wants to see everyone smile, and who can fault him for that. After this season, Geoff’s role changes a lot, and this is truly the end of an era for him. It’s a great swan song though, and when Gwen defends him at the campfire is easily one of the most touching moments in the season. It was such a great idea, and that’s why this is one of my favorite episodes.

Overall, I give the episode a 8.8/10. We’re down to just five now, and just five episodes left. See you all next week for “Haute Camp-Ture.”

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