Total Drama Review Week 15: Search and Do Not Destroy

By: Justin Cummings


Well, there goes Leshawna’s trailer. Just as soon as she got it, it was destroyed. It’s hard not to feel bad for her in this episode, but it’s just the first of many terrible moments to befall our campers in this episode. This is still the hardest episode for me to watch, even knowing what happens. Let’s just tackle the big plot, then get into the other stuff from the episode.

Gwen and Trent’s relationship seems stuck in first gear, as this episode could have easily come after “Up the Creek” and it’s as if nothing has changed. Looking back the storyline is weak, but what we get in this episode is pretty good. The first Gwen and Trent kiss is adorable, and the Heather Trent kiss makes a good parallel to it in the episode. The fact that Trent, having seen Heather’s sneaky behavior, believes her, is a bit of a stretch though. Ignoring that, the fact that everyone rallied around Gwen is great, and so it’s good to see Trent get voted out, even if it was a misunderstanding. The fact that Trent hold his head high is a testament to how great a guy he was, and ultimately I believe this is his greatest moment. Plus, Heather gets covered in sewage, which was a good payoff.

I do love challenges like this though, wherever everyone gets to run off and have their own adventures. It gives us great moments, like Geoff’s septic tank dive, and Owen’s bear cuddles. In addition Lindsey really shined in this episode, between her bird calls and the cockroaches she just couldn’t catch a break. I always love this part of a season, because now that we only have a handful of people left, they all get to shine. Every little gag, from Izzy and the snake, to Bridgette and the bunny, were on point. This was a fun episode, that contrasted well with the key drama. All in all, important episode, even if it feels a bit much.

I’m going to start rating these episodes, with one being the worst episode of the series, and ten being the best. I’m giving this a 8/10 because it just doesn’t feel like the build up was right, even thought the episode is good. We’re back down to ten campers, so join me next week for “Hide and Be Sneaky.”

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