Total Drama Review Week 10: Who Can You Trust

By: Justin Cummings


I’m really starting to feel bad for Trent at this point in the show. I mean truly, this is the second episode in a row where he suffers an injury. I was going to start off by talking about a line of Courtney’s, which I’ll still get to, but poor Trent. This isn’t even the last time the dude gets hurt. It’s as if the only reason they keep him around is to get hurt. He’s not even interacting with Gwen much, due mostly to his injuries, but still. Okay, now that I’ve got my Trent rant over with, on to that pesky Courtney line.

Very early in the episode Courtney says to Duncan that they “are already down a person,” but that’s not true. At this point in the show, and only at this point, the Gophers have less members, six to the Bass’s seven. The show isn’t perfect, it never has been, but this line is probably one of the biggest flubs they’ve ever made. I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge that yes, this show has flaws in its productions, not even mentioning its story. I wanted to make it clear that it is in spite of these flaws that I love this show; I think the high spots more than make up for them.

Moving back to the episode itself, I thought it was really good. I love the theme of threes that the show has begun developing in its challenges, and it really let us get some fun interactions. It helped us see a little redemption for Harold after last episode, which was much needed. It gave us reason to vote of Sadie, who truly hadn’t been doing much. Most importantly though it gave us the dynamic of Geoff and DJ, who, along with Duncan, have one of the best friendships on the show. Getting to see the sweet side of Duncan was important for where the show is going next, and the pacing of the episode lent itself to letting Duncan sneak off like he did. Besides that sweet Duncan and Courtney moment, we did get to see Geoff and Bridgette grow closer, and Harold and DJ are starting to seem the odd ones out.

We’re getting down there in numbers now, with only 12 left. The show is getting better at showing each character in each episode, and I’m really excited for where it goes next. Join me next week as we look at one of the most beloved episodes of the show, and my friend’s personal favorite, “Basic Straining.”

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