Why Steven and Connie Compose Television’s Greatest Love Story

By: Justin Cummings


Yes, the story of Steven Universe and Connie is a love story, but not in the sense some would think.  Steven and Connie, as it stands now, are about ten to eleven years old, they aren’t ready to marry and live happily ever after in the Spirit World yet.  For such young characters though they’ve already shown love more than most actual couples in TV ever do.  Don’t get it twisted, while Steven and Connie, as it stands now, love each other, they are not in love with each other.  It’s even canon that they love each other.  In The Guide to the Crystal Gems written by Rebecca Sugar herself it says when describing Stevonnie, “Perfect.  A spontaneous fusion of love, as impossible as it was inevitable.”  That line alone probably makes the book worth buying and there you have it, Steven and Connie love each other.

But let’s not just go with a book here, let’s actually look at the show.  In the episode “Nightmare Hospital” we see Steven shout out “Stay away from my Connie,” as he attacks one of the gem monsters.  Now Steven would go out of his way to save just about anyone, but how many of those people would he consider to be special and his?  Now we can argue about how his use of “my” is degrading to women and I’ve heard that argument when I mention the line, but I file it under he’s ten and isn’t thinking about semantics when someone he loves is being attacked.  Even if we disregard that line we still have the classic scene from “Full Disclosure.”  In what is the first of many life lessons for young boys this show has to offer, Steven thinks he needs to protect others by not telling them what’s wrong in his life.  It isn’t the gems he confides his fears in, or his father, but Connie, and she understands and is there for him to support him.  Steven is able to show his weaknesses and be emotional and cry (not just the heroic single tear cry but truly sob) with a woman.  Our society says men need to hide their emotions and problems, that only the women are emotional, but Connie knows, boy or girl, Steven is human (well half-human) and has emotions.  She wants to be part of his universe and that kind of love, to have someone not just want to be with you, but be a part of your world no matter how scary it may be, is very mature and hard to come by.

The next example of both love and a life lesson for young boys (and men now that I think about it) comes from “Open Book.”  Steven and Connie have a differing opinion on a book and through a wish gone awry from Steven, Connie begins changing to make him happy.  Steven quickly realizes that this isn’t at all what he wants, that he loves Connie because she is her own person, and despite their different opinions they still are friends.   And of course I couldn’t do this piece without mentioning “Alone Together.”  Oh how the fandom squeed, which in hindsight could be a really good title for this, when Steven and Connie fused.  As mentioned above this fusion was possible only because of love, and Steven and Connie seem the type to be willing to stay together forever (my theory: that’s how the show ends).

Steven and Connie also work together well in combat, with Connie’s sword complimenting Steven’s shield.  As a side note kudos to the crewniverse for making Connie the offensive fighter.  She’s proving girls can be knights and the boys can be the  one needing saving.  Neither one wants to let the other work hard, they want to help each other and fight as a pair (jam buds).

Steven and Connie won’t be dating anytime soon.  This could seem a contradiction to everything I’ve said so far but it’s true.  Again they’re eleven, they aren’t ready for a romantic date or anything like that.  They will eventually but it will be closer to the end of the series when both are older and wiser.  That doesn’t make their love any less special or any less beautiful; we’re seeing the beginning of lifelong friends becoming partners for life.  Some people just don’t get it though.  I’m linking at the bottom of the page to a Youtube video for a commercial for the show from Portugal.  I didn’t believe this until I saw it but the show calls Connie Steven’s girlfriend.  This love is so rare even people making commercials have no clue what’s going on.

Steven and Connie show us a unique pure love that has never been replicated before.  It shows how people who love each other should treat one another, and most importantly it inspires us and shows the beauty in life and the childlike sense of wonder and awe of love we should never lose.

I'm currently studying Communication at Lynchburg College with an emphasis in Electronic Media and a double minor in business and gender studies. I've been a huge fan of animation since I was little and thus have very eclectic tastes. Outside of animation I love Survivor, comic books, and a whole treasure trove of other things.


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