A List of Episodes to Watch if You Want to Follow this Bubbline Nonsense

By: Sam Quattro


So in the wake of the Adventure Time finale, I’ve seen a ton of people rejoice due to that one thing that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline did. But, given the lack of kissing by queer characters in media, there’s even more people noting their happiness despite not watching Adventure Time. So to cut down on the nearly 300 episodes of context you’d need to watch to get to the end, I decided to make a list condensing the most important moments Princess Bubblegum and Marceline had both together and apart.


What to watch for: Marceline’s first appearance! A tone setter!

It Came from the Nightosphere

What to watch for: One of the more iconic Marceline episodes, the “Fry Song.”

Go With Me

What to watch for: Marceline and Bubblegum’s first interaction, however brief.

Memory of a Memory

What to watch for: Hambo! Marceline kicking her ex-boyfriend’s butt.

What Was Missing

What to watch for: What really ignited the coal in this ship, “I’m Just Your Problem,” the mythical shirt.

Lady & Peebles

What to watch for: Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn kicking butt with character development!

Sky Witch

What to watch for: The mythical shirt’s return, tons of moments between our girls.

Bonnie and Neddy

What to watch for: Character development! Themes! Commentary!


What to watch for: Probably my personal favorite Bubbline-centric episode, cuteness, #emotions.

All of Stakes (Marceline the Vampire Queen, Everything Stays, Vamps About, The Empress Eyes, May I Come In, Take Her Back, Checkmate, The Dark Cloud)

What to watch for: Just watch it, it’s a wonderful story.

Broke His Crown

What to watch for: Personally I think this is where their relationship gets to romantic again, “You got a boyfriend yet?” “HA! No…,” the last great Bubbline episode of the series.

Jelly Beans Have Power

What to watch for: While I’m not putting all of the Elements miniseries here, this episode gives us context for it and I personally think it’s a great Bubblegum character episode.


What to watch for: Adorable recap of the Islands and Elements miniseries, just general Bubbline cuteness/angst in there.

Bonnibel Bubblegum

What to watch for: Bubblegum’s backstory, set up for the finale, small moment between these two in the beginning.

Marcy & Hudson

What to watch for: The end(?) of Marceline’s story line with her dad, “Slow Dance With You.”

Come Along With Me

What to watch for: Y’all already know 😉


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